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Reproductive disease in Bearded Dragons

So today I wanted to take some time to talk about reproductive disease in bearded dragons. There are a few conditions which can occur including cloacal prolapse, dystocia (egg binding) and pre-ovulatory follicular stasis. Pre-ovulatory follicular stasis is the one that I want to talk about today because it seems to be the most prevalent in female bearded dragons.

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Dr Amber Lee

Dr Amber Lee is a practicing veterinarian with special training in avian and exotic animal medicine. She has undertaken a rigorous and demanding application process and examination to become certified in Avian Practice in 2017. This specialization is through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). There are only approximately 125 other ABVP Avian Practice specialists throughout the world.

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What is Avian & Unusual Pet Medicine?

Avian and Unusual Pet Medicine is a discipline that requires a broad and extensive depth of knowledge. Dr Amber Lee understands that birds, exotic companion mammals, reptiles and amphibian patients are unique and delicate. Their anatomy, physiology, and behaviour is vastly different from dogs and cats, yet they require the same amount of expertise and care. We are well prepared with the skills needed to diagnose and treat your pet.

Yearly wellness examinations are strongly recommended for all avian and unusual pets. Unlike dogs and cats, these animals instinctively hide their symptoms of illness as long as possible. This means that just because they look healthy doesn’t mean that they actually are. The yearly wellness examination is an opportunity to review care and husbandry requirements and to detect possible problems early in an effort to treat health conditions before they become advanced.   

What is the difference between a general practitioner and an Avian Specialist?

Dr Amber Lee has  undergone specialty training; a 2 year residency program in Avian Practice. In addition she have published scientific articles and passed rigorous examinations. General practitioners with an interest in exotic animal medicine have not undergone residency training.

Why does my pet need an Avian and Unusual Pet Veterinarian?

Birds and unusual pets have very unique anatomy, physiology and behavior. They require special and dedicated equipment and staff that may not be available at a traditional dog and cat veterinary clinic. Dr Amber Lee has received extensive specialty training, making her an expert on your feathered, scaly, finned, slimy, or furry friend! 

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