Reproductive disease in Bearded Dragons

So today I wanted to take some time to talk about reproductive disease in bearded dragons. There are a few conditions which can occur including cloacal prolapse, dystocia (egg binding) and pre-ovulatory follicular stasis. Pre-ovulatory follicular stasis is the one that I want to talk about today because it seems to be the most prevalent in female bearded dragons.

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Gingival recession and plaque buildup

Dental Disease in Bearded Dragons

Dental disease in bearded dragons appears to be more prevalent in captivity than in the wild. Lizards actually lack tooth sockets and their teeth rest on the bone of their maxilla or mandible.


Busy brains and busy beaks

In the wild, birds spend the majority of their day flying around and searching for food. The act of finding food; husking seeds and nuts and chewing on vegetation is known as foraging.